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Research Overview

Research in the Alabi lab involves the use of synthetic and analytical tools to enhance our understanding and facilitate the engineering of precise functional macromolecular therapeutics. Our research goals involve the discovery and use of sequence-defined oligomers to quantitate biological processes, develop efficient drug delivery bioconjugates and discover potent antimicrobial macromolecules. Our work ranges from the molecular scale, where we investigate the precise placement of functional groups along a polymer backbone, to studying their macromolecular and biological properties. Our focus is on applications that leverage the advantages of our sequence-controlled oligomers such as increased serum stability, rapid assembly with precise sequence-control and a large scope of chemically diverse monomers. Current research topics under exploration in the lab are discussed below.

Sequence-Defined Polymers 


Researchers: Kenton Weigel, Adithya Rangamani, and Meghan Bajaj

Macromolecular Antimicrobials


Researchers: Taylor Duval, Anirban Das, Amitava Chandra

Protein Conjugates and Nanocarriers for Intracellular Drug Delivery


Researchers: Souvik Ghosal, Azmain Alamgir, Joshua Almonte and Allison Chen

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